Our Philosophy

To help students develop clean classical technique and good artistic expression while making ballet a fun and positive experience for all.

American ballet dancers can perform many amazing technical feats, but many reach even the professional level without being able to express the emotion or intent of a piece. Artistic expression can help a dancer connect with an audience to make a ballet performance truly magical.

At Charles River Ballet Academy, students of all ages, levels, and abilities receive quality training in a nurturing and fun environment. Artistry is developed along with technique, as students are encouraged to experience the joy of dance at every step of their training.

Performing is an important and exciting part of a dancer's development. Performing opportunities will be introduced at an appropriate age, and the scale of the performance will be in proportion to the dancer's age and level of ability. Charles River Ballet Academy is not a "recital school" where the bulk of class time in the second half of the year is spent on learning routines. We hold year-end Workshop Performances in June at the beautiful Fine Arts Center at Regis College for students in Pre-Ballet, Primary, and the Upper Division. The performance features a demonstration of class exercises as well as costumed classical and contemporary dances, affording each student the opportunity to show the technique he or she has mastered as well as to explore the artistry of dancing before an audience. Workshop Performances are an exciting extension of the students' training, but the focus of the program is on teaching ballet, rather than preparing for a recital.

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Emily Hrones Umland, Director

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