Our in studio classes have been running consistently since July 2020 with Covid safety protocol in place. Please email us for more details on the current protocol. We will continue to make updates as more public health guidance becomes available.

COVID-19 safety protocols for Charles River Ballet Academy UPDATED 3/14/2022
CRBA will continue to update its protocol in accordance with public health guidelines from the CDC and the state.

CRBA will implement the following safety procedures to promote a safe and fun experience at the studio:

-Masks must be worn by all upon entrance and exit of the building, in hallways and common areas, and in bathrooms.

-Masks are optional once inside the classroom.

-Families are responsible for making a decision with regard to masks and their children and for communicating with their own children about this. Teachers will not be responsible for enforcing which students will wear a mask.

-CRBA will strive to provide a happy and supportive environment where students and teachers will feel comfortable and accepted whichever choice they may make about mask wearing. We are excited to see some more smiles in the coming weeks!

-Faculty and student teachers are all fully vaccinated (up to date on vaccinations)

-State of the art updated ventilation system at Studio A; Hepa medical grade air filter at Studio B

-Windows open

-Increased cleaning schedule

-Hand sanitizer available upon entrance and exit to the studio, and during class

-Only teachers and students who feel well at the studio. If you do not feel well, please stay home. Please notify the studio if your student tests positive for Covid, and keep him/her home until after the required isolation period as per CDC guidelines (currently 5 days, provided symptoms have resolved). Students who are recovering from Covid must wear a mask at the studio on Days 6-10, as per CDC guidelines.

-Chairs/hooks to keep students and their belongings separate

-Parents/caregivers to remain outside the building at pick up and drop off. Exception: Parent/caregiver participates as part of the class in Ballet Together.

Pick up and drop off:
-Parents/caregivers remain outside the building

-At drop off, students must arrive at
Drop Off Time which is 5 minutes before their official class start time. They will wait outside the building, and the teacher will admit the class as a group at Drop Off Time, so that class can start on time. At Studio A, we will use the Lincoln St. door. The exterior door will be unlocked, so students arriving after Drop Off Time at Studio A can walk into the building on their own and join class upon arrival. At Studio B, we will use the Great Plain Ave door #2. This exterior door is kept locked, so please arrive by Drop Off Time so your student can be admitted for class at Studio B.

-Please arrive promptly for pick up. Only students with charged cell phones may leave the building unaccompanied. If your student does not have a charged cell phone, you must line up outside the door to retrieve him/her.

-PLEASE realize our safety system depends upon prompt drop offs and pick ups. Your cooperation with this is imperative to our being able to hold in studio classes.

What to bring:
-Students must arrive already wearing their dancewear. Please pack a water bottle, an extra mask, and ballet slippers (and pointe shoes if your dancer is already en pointe). (Students in Pre-Ballet and Primary should NOT pack a water bottle.)